Casa El Carretero - Cartagena, Cartagena, Colombia

Local Food Meal Plan

All meal plans are served in the hotel. Meals can be served in the dinner table or the pool area. 

Colombia has a rich culinary culture and we provide our guests the option of experiencing our culture through the amazing dishes prepared every day. 

  • 8-18 restaurant1

Local food served every day

Guests have the option to sign-up for a local meal plan. This concists of locally prepared meals for lunch. Our chef specialices in Cartagena food but sometimes they also make meals from other regions. Meals are $40 US per person. 

Casa El Carretero
Calle del Carretero, #10B-18, Barrio Getsemaní
Cartagena, Cartagena, Colombia
Call: USA:+1 (415)5083927 CO: +57 (310) 630 1778


Casa el Carretero

Is a hotel in Cartagena, Colombia. Located in the historical neighborhood of El Getsemaní inside the old city. The property was completely remodeled and decorated with the vision to create an Indonesian oasis in a century old Spanish colonial home with all the comforts of XXI century living.